5 Mostly Serious Ways to Grow Your Potential and Reduce Stress

A young person sits on a bed. They are wearing headphones and using a tablet. The bed has a yellow frame against the wall.
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Touch typing

A professional phone manner

  1. Answer the phone after 2–3 rings. More rings can make someone impatient, and answering it immediately could hint you were sitting on your phone. (We know you probably are, but you know, act like you weren’t!)
  2. Unless the caller is a friend or family member, refrain from using one-word or brief remarks such as: “G’day”, “Hey”, “Hello?”, or “Yes?”. Instead, wait until the call connects and then speak clearly using a phrase such as: “Hi this is [your name] from [xyz]”, or “Hello, [your name] speaking”. Then they know if they’ve reached the right person or business.
  3. When you call someone, be sure to introduce yourself straight away, or as early as possible, and state why you’re calling.
  4. If you forget someone’s name or they don’t give it straight away, ask them for it, or say “I didn’t catch your name”. This saves the embarrassment of hanging up the phone and realising you don’t know their name to attach to a message or phone contact.
  5. You don’t have to ask someone how they’re doing, but if they ask you, respond in kind.
  6. When someone assists you over the phone with an enquiry, message, or a listening ear, be sure to thank them. Even if you were not successful, thanking people for their time and assistance ensures they will be happy to hear from you next time.
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Drink two big glasses of water on waking

Speaking of …. take a clean pair of underwear EVERYWHERE

Put your device down and cultivate a sense of curiosity about something



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